Mattoni Group and Bear Capital launches Secured Debt Opportunity Fund III Aims to Close 100M by End of Q1 2019

The Mattoni Group and Bear Capital are pleased to announce the launch of Fund III for our Non Performing Loans and REO platform, Secured Debt Investments” (“SDI”).
Secured Debt Opportunity Fund III (“SDI”) targets an initial raise of 100M by end of Q1 2019.
Funds I & II have grossed approximately 34% IRR in the last five years. As a result of this gain, Fund III is being launched to continue our previous success.  
“We have a refined and tested proprietary process for acquiring, managing and repositioning distressed loans and REO assets, so we are excited to launch Fund III, making it our most anticipated fund to date.”  Orlando Garcia, managing partner.
Ricardo Caporal, founder of Mattoni Group, and Orlando Garcia, founder of Bear Capital , have over 30 years combined experience investing in commercial real estate, which has produced an enviable risk-adjusted investment track record over the last few years. Over the last three years, the NPL & REO sectors have seen a significant decline in the number of investment managers in this space which bodes well for Fund III continuing the success of the previous funds.
About Mattoni Group:
Founded in 2009, Mattoni Group is a private equity real estate investment and management firm headquartered in Miami, FL. With a growing portfolio of residential and commercial properties across the region. Mattoni Group has more than two decades of combined experience in the real estate industry – including property acquisition, construction, management and financial analysis. For more information please visit
About Bear Capital:
Founded in 2013 by Orlando Garcia, Bear Capital is a private equity firm focused on commercial real estate debt and under-performing commercial real estate. Bear Capital’s funds implement a value add and opportunistic strategy, concentrating on distressed and underperforming commercial real estate assets and commercial real estate debt.  With over 25 years of experience, Bear Capital offers vast knowledge across an array of disciplines including management, finance, capital markets, acquisitions, legal creditor rights, development, sales and leasing. For more information please visit

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