Ricardo Caporal


Investor and Advisor to GP
Brief info
Ricardo Caporal is the Founder & President of Mattoni Group. The Brazil-born investor has over 11+ years of real estate experience with a history of zest for entrepreneurship in an array of industries including music, fashion, design and technology. Under Mr. Caporal’s direction Mattoni Group investments include a diverse portfolio of assets across United States, with multifamily assets comprising the bulk of the portfolio. To date Mr. Caporal has taken a leadership role in over $1 billion in capitalized transactions. Caporal established Mattoni Group in December 2009 with an aim to locate and create unique real estate investment opportunities. With a play on the word Mattoni which means “bricks” in Italian, Caporal’s vision has been to create building blocks by effectively developing and managing the properties under his portfolio so that they revitalize their surrounding communities, attract quality tenants and/or buyers, and produce long-term value. Ricardo is active in local and national organizations and philanthropic causes, including the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) of Miami, where he has served as a member of the board's Executive Committee. Ricardo also serves on the advisory board for University of Miami’s Master of Real Estate Development + Urbanism program. Additionally, Ricardo is an active board member of the Urban Land Institute’s Southeast chapter, which provides leadership in the responsible use of land and creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. Caporal graduated Magna Cum Laude and with honors from Babson College with degrees in both entrepreneurship and finance.