Vicktor Maniov, CFA

Maniov, CFA

Director of Underwriting
Brief info
Vicktor Maniov, CFA, has fulfilled the position of Senior Analyst and Fund Statistician at SDI since 2010. As a Senior Analyst, Mr. Maniov is responsible for, among other things, valuing targeted investments, assessing their suitability and risk profiles, and participating in strategic acquisition decisions. In this role, Mr. Maniov has analyzed over 350 potential investments worth over $500MM. In his capacity as a Fund Statistician, Mr. Maniov performs profitability analysis and risk assessment of the Fund’s Investments. He compiles detailed information on current and historical assets and performs statistical analysis, which plays an integral part in devising and adjusting macro and micro Fund strategies. Mr. Maniov obtained a Bachelors of Business Administration with concentration in Finance from Florida International University in 2010. In 2014, Mr. Maniov successfully became a CFA charter holder. He has been a member of the Secured Debt Investment Team for the past 6 years.

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